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Earn 60% from the first sign-up and all the recurring payments until the user cancels his/her membership.
How to receive your 60% read in the section Terms&Conditions. Don't waste your good traffic for partnership programs with shave and cross-sales. We play fair and we respect long-term relations.

We are ready to introduce our new two-tier pay per signup system.
The more signups you send, the more money you get. The basic payout is $30. Send 50+ signups per month and we will raise your payout to $35 per signup for every single sale you send to any of our websites. It's as simple as that, you don't need to worry whether a surfer cancels after the signup or renews his membership.
We continue to make our best to try and keep our customers in the member's area, so very soon you will feel all the advantages of working with us.

We will pay you 5% of referral earnings for every webmaster you send to us and 5% more - from the earnings of every webmaster sent to us by your referral. So the earlier you become our affiliate and tell your partners about us the stronger the effect will be.
Keep an eye on your revenue, analyze your traffic and improve your rates. Our high-powered interface is available to our webmasters even now. We can keep our customers loyal only by offering them really thrilling, cock-stiffening porn. It means very exciting, charged with emotions and full of inventive plots content filmed by teams of real pros, by the teams who are experts of niche content, by the teams who receive constant surfers' feedback and make their best to bring the content to perfection. Our content was not made to order, it was filmed specially for surfers, catering to all their secret fantasies. It is truly exclusive.
Constant updating of promo materials is a necessary instrument for a webmaster's stable work. We remember it and add fresh promo materials every week. Every problem can be solved provided you want it to be solved. So contact our support team and we will try to solve all the problems you have promptly and accurately.
  We are the followers of outsourcing partnership, especially if others can do something better than us. That's why we have chosen NATS - the well acknowledged leader in the adult industry. Now-a-days if you don't protect your content, it will be in all peer-to-peer networks in an hour or so and its value will be greatly reduced. We make our best to protect our content and it brings good results and a great amount of money.  

Availability of free hosting has become a standard of the adult industry, that's why it comes as no surprise that we offer free hosting to our webmasters too.

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